Superhero Academy: Environmental Adventure!

Superhero Academy: Environmental Adventure!


Superhero Academy is an absolutely fantastic, action packed, and fully interactive kids show about climate change and what we can do to save our planet! The storytellers are incredibly talented when it comes to engaging children and immersing them in their journey in becoming Eco Heroes. My 4-year-old was a little shy at first, but by the end he was dancing and singing along and taking part in all the games, as were all the children!  

This performance has it all packed in, sensory experience, puppetry, comedy, singing, dancing, storytelling and environmental themed games. The kids are truly part of the performance, so there is no need to worry about rushing to get a good seat at the start, as the audience are all invited into the performance space with the superheroes to fully engage with the show.

My little one came out so excited that he was now an Ecohero and was talking about what he had learned for the rest of the day to anyone who would listen. An enormously fun, eco-tastic adventure…. 

My mini reviewer said : ‘I loved Olivia the Orangutan and making the waves when we all went under the sea. I also loved the talking bins and freeing the fish from being caught in the plastic bag” 

(Written by Emma May )