Circus Abyssinia : Ethiopian Dreams


Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams

Underbelly Circus Hub

Beginning with two young boys dreaming of joining the circus, and soon becoming a joyful, uplifting extravaganza of colour and excitement, this circus show really stands out from the crowd.

Underbelly’s Circus Hub is hosting an abundance of shows this year, and this one is a total gem; bringing unique skills and performers to the Lafayette big top, all set to an infectious, playful soundtrack. Prepare to be astounded by the acrobatics, with the performers (some of them children themselves) flying seamlessly through the air and making it all look so perfectly effortless ! Add into this mix some crazy contortion-ism, which demonstrates just how strong and talented these performers are and the most spectacular final sequence involving the Chinese pole and you have the definitive show which is perfect for families.

Filling the tent with tons of energy, this is a vibrant and inventive piece of circus which is sure to brighten up your afternoon !

My mini-reviewers say : ”The poles were the best bit, with everyone sliding down so quickly…” ”I liked the girls, who were balancing on top of each other – that was really really amazing”

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