Celeste’s Circus

Celeste’s Circus

Scottish Storytelling Centre

Roll up, roll up, get your popcorn and bubbles at the ready as you are transported to the magical french circus where hippos walk the high wire, dogs perform tricks and seal pups will do anything for a fish! 

Celeste’s Circus is a beautifully funny and engaging show, and the perfect choice for a family with children of different ages as there is something in it for everyone! Celeste is an absolute joy to watch as she envelops you into the world of her circus and introduces you to all of the acts and her friends along the way.

The story is wonderfully told through a range of puppetry and captivating  storytelling. A particular hit with the audience is her naughty performing seal who you have the opportunity to meet at the end … but watch out sometimes she bites 😉

(Emma Browne)

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