Le Coup (12+)


Underbelly Circus Hub

I usually find circus is much more atmospheric when there is a live band playing and this is no exception. As you walk into the space the music alongside the performers interacting in the audience with sideshow tricks draws you into what feels like an edgy circus cabaret.

This show is centred around these eccentric characters going head to head in rounds, with interludes from the superb band who add in other dark and kooky elements. The level of acrobatics and aerial tricks is excellent. The level of trust they display with each other especially in the final piece is edge of the seat stuff.

The characters manage to engage with the crowd to varying degrees and we especially liked the facial antics of the Ugly Hungarian. Some elements of the performance are perhaps not so polished as other circus acts in the fringe but the combination of physical feats and excellent music throughout this show make this a fantastic way to spend an hour.

Our 13 yr old reviewer said, “Those people on stage were exactly who I want to be. Loved it!”

(Toni Dickson)

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