Circa: Wolfgang

Circa : Wolfgang

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Being alone on your birthday can be very lonely indeed, so when someone suddenly arrives to come and play, you’re extremely excited– even if they are Mozart and they are a little bit silly…

Within this loose storyline, we are treated to an hour of playfulness as the two friends twist and turn their way around the stage, tumbling over each other, chairs and even bicycles ! Mozart’s music is obviously the soundtrack, and a somewhat oddly placed accordionist provides extra live musical accompaniment ! Circa are extremely talented performers and this production is far too dampened down for the children I bring with me- there are moments of fantastic acrobatic skills but too much time is spent on sections like playing with a light beam that felt too slow and clumpy for us and quickly lost children’s attention. The venue being unbearably hot added another distraction from the show itself, and I can’t imagine how the performers were coping?

A slow motion fight scene delights and elicits much giggling, along with some rather slippery batons – reminding us that Circa have managed a piece that can introduce a young audience to both physical circus and classical music , and that in itself is quite some feat.

My mini reviewers said : ”The slow motion fight scene was funny…”

”Riding the bicycle in his pants and getting dressed – that looked tricky…”

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