The Lost Things

The Lost Things


We are invited in to a small dark space, where we are seated low down amongst old treasures, bits and pieces that we soon discover are inhabiting a mysterious place; a place where all the lost things settle….

Set in a unique dome structure, this simple production has all the potential of being something very special indeed…..beautiful, handmade puppets, lit by small torches are enchanting, a train that rumbles past spills smoke mystically into the dome and robots come frighteningly to life. Sadly for us though, something was missing- the pace and fluidity of the performance was lacking and the story became dark and confused. Whilst we could appreciate the intricate details of the set, a floor which inventively transformed into ladders and caverns and clever lights that illuminated hearts and faces, the piece became muddled. Young people will however appreciate being able to stay and explore the venue and play with the puppets after the show, getting a chance to make them walk, dance and even do the floss if they are able !!!

A fantastic concept, and one which vividly touches the imagination – a world of lost things, a place where the missing can be found in amongst the darkness and depths, just a shame the story was overwhelmed by the intricacy of the surroundings.

My mini reviewer said : ”..the train with the smoke was amazing, and I liked the hearts glowing..”

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