Chaos and calamity arise as two instantly lovable, dungaree wearing brothers lead us through this absolute riotous hour of ridiculous fun…

As the two boys grapple with tidying their bedroom so they can earn the ultimate reward – a bicycle ride – bedlam ensues ! The Piccolo tent is soon filled with screams of laughter, and the giggling barely stops. This talented clowning duo treat us to plenty of slapstick comedy, juggling galore, impressive acrobatics and to top it all off they are generous enough to send toilet paper flying in all directions ! With practically no dialogue, the skill of the pair is fully evident as their facial expressions and movements convey everything we need and have the audience entirely enraptured. This show works for all ages, though younger children will undoubtedly love this – just make sure you sit near the front for full silliness….

Encouraging your kids to clean their room will never quite be the same again!

My mini reviewers said : ”….I liked the toilet paper guns best….”

‘‘I liked when they sprayed the water…”

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