What if your food started talking back to you? This amusing idea is brought to life and explored thoroughly and with hilarious consequences in this charming and thought provoking piece…

Writer, and performer Mamoru Iriguchi, plays Lionel the lion, wearing an ingenious costume, which reveals many layers and surprises during the show ! Lionel has a dream of being vegetarian, but he soon understands that daisies will not satisfy him and his hunger leads him to eat Mamoru – who luckily for us is left intact and can converse happily with his predator. The two become friends and with their conversation lead us on a journey through the digestive system and beyond. Children in the audience howl with laughter as we meet Dr. Poo and attend his ‘Pooniversity’. The cycles of the food chain are examined and we are invited to ask questions along the way…

Spreading the message of ‘we are what we eat’, this is an inventive, unique and educational piece of theatre that both adults and children will enjoy immensely.

My mini reviewers say : ”Dr.Poo was the funniest….with his Pooniversity.” ” The best bit was when Dr.Poo was pooped out of Lionel…it was hilarious”

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