Dragons and Mythical Beasts

Dragons and Mythical Beasts


We LOVED Dragons and Mythical Beasts, the venue in McEwan hall was perfect for creating a mystical, magical feeling. 

We were introduced to Dave the knight, who took us on a spell binding journey to becoming heroes. Engaging the audience with ‘has anyone lost a tooth recently’ saw lots of hands shoot up and little ones were delighted to meet Aerwyn, the tooth fairy !! This resulted in a warm feeling of the audience identifying with each other.

We learned loads of fun facts and myths about unicorns, dragons and beasts. The show was great at getting the audience involved and some mini heroes were picked from their seats to help Dave along the way. The puppetry was incredible and it was easy and exciting to be swept along on this enchanting adventure. The anticipation of what would be coming next kept us on the edge of our seats! 

Finishing up with a lovely strong message that we are all heroes and we can overcome doubts and fears no matter what – this is an adventure little ones will love to be taken along on.

My mini reviewer said: I liked the funny noises Aerwyn the tooth fairy made when she was upset with a bad tooth’

(Written by Noreen McCafferty)