Elements of Freestyle

Elements of Freestyle


High-octane, energetic and seriously awesome….there is so much impressive talent squeezed into this one hour, that at times it was difficult to take it all in !

The skateboarding, in-line skating, bmx riding, breakdancing, basketball and parkour are accompanied by an incredible live music soundtrack with two musicians on stage playing violin and cello – this was an unexpected added highlight ! The performers moved with grace and exquisite choreography, making this much more of a dance piece than them simply achieving tricks. Dramatic pieces of equipment add to the visual beauty of the piece when all the cast are simultaneously on stage, skating, swinging or jumping across it, and I appreciated the minimal colourscape too.

Skillful, spectacular and visually stunning, the ability to combine such dynamic urban arts and create something so captivating is truly inspiring.

My mini reviewers said : “ I liked the wheels when they lit up….”

“My favourite bit was when they brought the trampoline in…and the ramps…”

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