Oskar’s Amazing Adventure

Oskar’s Amazing Adventure

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Oskar the puppy is bored, everyone is sleeping and he has got a severe case of cabin fever and just wants to play, so he fearlessly heads out into the forest and that’s where his real adventure begins….

Combining brilliant storytelling, beautiful handmade stuffed animals and plenty of songs and actions for us all to join in with, this is a charming and thoughtful piece of theatre for younger children. The shorter length of the performance lends itself very well to a younger audience, who all sat fully engaged and captivated throughout. The simple, hand painted set, added a certain charm and the Alpine story, with a sprinkling of snow, following Oskar on his quest to find a friend to play with was pitched just right. We even get to meet a marmot who becomes friends with Oskar and helps him escape from the hungry Fox ! Natasha Granger (the author’s daughter) keeps the pace flowing with her energetic storytelling and impressive portrayal of Granny searching for her lost puppy !

Furry friends, foxes and fun for all the family, this delightful show is a real treat for everyone…

My mini reviewer says : ”I liked the twit-two owl and the digging song”

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