The Ping-Pong Ball Effect

The Ping-Pong Ball Effect


Standing in the queue I begin talking to a family of four. This is their second time coming see ‘Ping Pong Ball Effect’ because they loved it so much the first time. “It’s a show that keeps both adults and kids entertained”, says the dad. My hopes are high as I head into the Pleasance’s main auditorium.

And I’m not disappointed. ‘Ping Pong Ball Effect’ a lovely, upbeat show with live music, energetic routines and compelling skills from the cast of St Petersburg’s famous Youth Circus. And ‘effects’ certainly feature heavily in the show; from musical looping, to a drum firing smoke rings into the auditorium, from illusions to a final downpour of…you guessed it…ping pong balls.

The cast of young performers kept the audiences totally engaged throughout with inspiring skills including tumbling routines, ping pong ball juggling and a duo cyr wheel and hula hoop act. Much of which illicit whoops and cheers from the enraptured audience.

The family I met were right! Make sure you see Ping Pong Ball Effect at least once…maybe even twice.

My mini-reviewer said ”I loved when all the ping pong balls came on stage….”

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