Brave Space

Brave Space

Underbelly Circus Hub

Each year in the fringe, there is one show we discover that has a little something extra, something unique, something memorable, and this year, Brave Space has them all…

Inviting you into their immersive space, seven female performers seamlessly and gracefully guide us into the intimate space of their parachute fort, each act getting tantalisingly near to us….this is a show where getting up close and personal with the performers is a necessity and a privilege. Lying on my back watching two acrobatics twist and tumble on a trapeze over my head, while their shadows spun around the cosy den was a total joy. We are witness to beautifully calm sequences of balance, aerial, cyr wheel, hula hooping and much more; whilst we feel more like friends than audience as various people are invited up to help hold, balance or pull pieces of equipment along. Limited lighting and a muted colour palette adds to the evocative and emotional depth of this performance…..a magical start to anyone’s day.    

Visually stunning, with serene and graceful performances, Brave Space is an oasis amongst the hustle and bustle just outside – create time and space to allow yourself to be fully absorbed…

My mini- reviewer said : “.. the parachute Fort was really cool and I liked being inside it..I also liked joining in.”