Ockham’s Razor: This Time

Ockham’s Razor: This Time

This is a truly touching show about change, memory, family and relationships. Ockham’s Razor, an award-winning company known for their playful approach to equipment and devising, continue to push boundaries and redefine our expectations of circus. And even more so in this show as the cast ranges from 13 to 60! It is hard to watch the show without marvelling at the skill and inventiveness of this company. Not only are their movements fluid and playful but they incorporate new imaginings of circus disciplines; acrobatics and aerial.

As the show begins there is a white frame, like a doorway or a mirror is suspended on the stage. The black floor is more like a mirror with other subtle reflective elements, three barely there black mirrors at the back of stage, giving a subtle yet slightly reflection. This reflective space becomes more poignant as the performers talk about themselves, share memories of significant parts of their and give advice to their younger selves. This stripped back staging is accompanied by the effective use of lighting that focuses on the bodies, the stories told by the performers themselves and through their play on the ever-changing equipment.

I was swept away with the visual feast and touched by the stories. Our younger viewers found the talking sections perhaps a bit too long. But the circus and movement sections reeled them straight back in and kept them entertained.

(Robyn Hambrook)

My mini reviewer said – “I do gymnastics so I really liked it.”