Better Together

Better Together


A wait for the bus becomes something quite exquisite in this simple and extremely charming clowning adventure…

As the brightly dressed Tropizo, Doa and Squiggle each arrive at the bus stop, bringing along their own individual quirkiness, we are immediately aware of the distracting nature of their music and headphones and the isolation this brings. They slowly warm to each other, tumbling across the stage and playing games- the headphones are ditched , birdsong can be heard and friendships are swiftly formed. The ”people not screens” motto of the piece is achingly evident as Tropizo pulls out her mobile phone and switches off from all around her….it takes an abundance of silly acrobatic fun and a sprinkling of self realisation of her segregation and loneliness to discard the phone and join in the merriment!

Highlighting the positives of making friends and new connections, this loveable trio of clowns are sure to bring some sunshine into your day and encourage you to switch off and appreciate your surroundings !

My mini reviewers said : ”I enjoyed when one of them was sleeping and they were pushing her around to each other”

”It was very funny and made me giggle”

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