Splash Test Dummies

Splash Test Dummies


The Dummies are back in town and we’re all kinds of delighted !! The talented lifeguarding trio take us on an almighty splish splashingly awesome adventure …

Squeezing a whole host of of bizarre antics into this very lively hour, we experience moments of Baywatch style lifesaving, impressive unicycling, brilliant beach volleyball, underwater shenanigans and proving there’s not a lot they can’t turn their hand to, even a dusting of shadow puppetry. The trio of clowns surprise and delight the adoring crowd expertly and as you’d imagine there are some interactive moments involving just a touch of water too – someone had ingeniously thought to bring their own swimming goggles along!! We are constantly reminded of the talents the Dummies possess too, expert acrobatics, juggling, balancing and slapstick are all made to look relaxed and easy in their unique style.

”Splash Test Dummies – we’re awfully fond of you !..”

My mini reviewers said : ”I liked the skeleton bit and the water pistols of course!”

”The best bit was when they saved people -‘save me..’ arggg”

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