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Pleasance EICC

Sitting in a large room in the EICC I have high expectations for Quebec’s Cirque Éloize’s international sensation, Cirkopolis. And the show doesn’t fail to deliver! Blending dance, circus, theatre and comedy, Cirkopolis is a spectacular, visual feast from start to finish.

Based on the classic film Metropolis, this award-winning company bring the  grey, bureaucratic world to life through the wonderful styling of the costumes, movement and choreography. Making use of the giant projection screen, beautiful animations take the audience on a journey from a grey cityscape, into the deep mechanical workings of the city, finally taking us above it all to the beautiful skyline beyond.

Hungrily we take in the spectacle that is this circus show. We are treated to jaw-dropping skills including Cyr Wheel, German Wheel, Chinese Pole, juggling, diabolo, Bonquine and acrobatics delivered alongside stunning choreography which perfectly frames the action.

Cirque Éloize manage to effortlessly blend story, skills and style into an incredible production, laced with energy and dotted with comedy and fun. If you can see only one circus show this Fringe, make sure that it’s Cirkopolis!

My mini-reviewer said : ”The security guards were funny – they found funny things in people’s bags…”

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