Moon Dragon Babies for Under 1s

Moon Dragon Babies For Under 1s


When it comes to interactive, sensory baby shows, Moon Dragon ticks all the boxes! With everything from singalongs and music making, to a giant blanket fort filled with magical light up wands and glowing stars. On arrival we were greeted by relaxing harp music, a gorgeous dragon puppet curled up asleep on stage, and a sensory bag full of surprises for our wee one to explore during the performance. One thing I do have to warn you about this show however, is that you will be humming all the songs for days to come! 

Our little reviewer loved Moon Dragon, especially the chance to play his tambourine and clap along to all the music. The musicians and puppeteers have beautiful voices and were so engaging to watch, not to mention the extra special dragon, unicorn and frog puppets which wee ones have the opportunity to get up close to. 

I would definitely recommend getting to this show in good time to get a space on the floor at the front as being close to the action made our experience all the more magical.

(Emma May)

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