The Bookbinder

The Bookbinder


Getting lost in a good book is just the tip of the iceberg in this enchanting production from Trick of the Light Theatre. Intricate papercraft, innovative lighting and a beautifully handcrafted pop up book all add to the magic and mystery of this captivating performance…

We are greeted by the softly lit sight of the Bookbinder, fast asleep at his desk, covered with his tools and a sign reading ‘apprentice sought’…lone performer Ralph McCubbin Howell already has us intrigued. As he wakes, we are invited into this fairytale of a young boy becoming a Bookbinder’s apprentice and, being keen to showcase his talents; takes on a repair of an old and eerie book. However he finds himself short of time and forgetting to ”never do anything that cannot be undone”, his final work is flawed. Thus follows a fantastical journey into an unfamiliar world within this curious book where the apprentice must repair the gap he has caused. Using the enticing pop-up book, clever lighting, shadow puppetry and simple props we too are carried away into this far off land along with the apprentice as he struggles to restore what he has damaged.

Innovative and intimate, with superb storytelling- the attention to detail is astounding. Arrive early to get the best view of the magic unfolding before your eyes…
My mini reviewer says : ”The pop-up book was cool – and I liked the little people too..”