The Gruffalo, the Giant and the Mermaid with Julia Donaldson

The Gruffalo, the Giant and the Mermaid with Julia Donaldson


A packed audience suggested that enthusiasm for this show was high and it’s easy to see why – Julia Donaldson’s books have been enthralling kids and parents alike for a generation.

This show, performed by Julia herself alongside her family, is an absolute delight and it’s easy to see that the folk onstage revel in these stories as much as the audience. By way of music, puppetry and various nifty costume changes, several of Donaldson’s stories come to life, recited by performers and audience alike, most of these parents having most likely read these stories often enough to commit them to memory.

It was surely a good sign that the Highway Rat song was firmly lodged in my head all day! A thorough recommendation. Oh…and bring your copy of the Gruffalo down as Julia will also host a book signing after the show !

My mini-reviewer said: ‘I loved the Highway Rat song and the scarecrow story the best. I can’t believe I saw the REAL Gruffalo ! ”

(Written by Rob May )