Annie Jr

Annie Jr

The Space

If you’re an Annie fan you will love this show. A full Edinburgh cast of children bring it to life in an endearing, faithful rendering of the story.

The venue was full to the brim – with many of the audience made up of adults. I believe that, far from being the parents and relatives one might have expected, they were in fact genuine Annie fans – the whole line in front of us were holding hands and singing along!

The choreography is great with Annie adorned by an enthusiastic curly red haired wig and hitting almost all the high notes. The orphans are particularly convincing as a wonderful bunch of raggled taggled children of varied ages, sizes and characters. The adults in the show are all played by some of the slightly older children with accents varying from classic Edinburgh to a quite convincing NYC.

My three year old loved the finale piece ‘Tomorrow’, singing along with the full ensemble and most of the audience.

Edinburgh Youth Theatre deliver kids and youth theatre training all year round with courses, weekly classes and summer camps. This popular production can be seen as a great success for a leading theatre group in Scotland.

(Katch Holmes)

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