Arr We There Yet ?


Arr We There Yet ?

Underbelly Circus Hub

An almighty, swashbuckling adventure with three pirates all vying to wear the captain’s hat in this fantastic introduction to circus and acrobatics for kids…

We get to join the three slightly scatter-brained pirates as they prepare to sail the seas in search of treasure and find themselves contending with ghosts, sharks and some surprisingly witty pirate puns instead! Expect plenty of action with some astounding acrobatics, dynamic diabolo sequences, cool cyr wheel and silly slapstick routines. The crows nest provides the perfect setting for some simple tricks and whilst adults may find the narrative a little patchy in places, the children were simply enjoying the spectacle and frenzied drama.

Kids are fully encouraged to shout out and get involved in this spirited and energetic hour of pirate fun !

My mini reviewers say : ”It was funny when they were saying ‘I’m the Captain’, ‘No, I’m the Captain’, ‘No, I’m the Captain’….”

”I liked the ending when they could all be Captains and the seesaw with them doing flips -that was great…”

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