Final week !!!!

Gosh, August is flying by and soon we’ll be saying goodbye to the hundreds of shows and the cool circus tents until next year…sniff. But, luckily there is still time to squeeze in a few shows and events this week. Here are some top recommendations ! :

The BBC tent is still open until Friday 25th. Events this week for families include :

Sparkle Arts - Under the SeaSparkle Arts – Under the Sea (Ages 2-6) Tues 22nd August 10.45am – 11.30am / 11.45-12.30pm

Make sure you have your swimming kit and goggles with you, because today we’re going on an ‘Under the Sea’ adventure. During this class, the magical rainbow fish introduces children to all her mystical sea friends including Sally the Seahorse and Christopher the Crab. Find out more

Book BugBookbug (Ages 0-4)  23rd August: 10.30am – 11.15am / 12 noon -12.45pm and 25th August: 10.30am – 11.15am / 12 noon -12.45pm

Sing along with traditional nursery songs and action rhymes in an event hosted by Edinburgh City Libraries. Find out more

Volcano Day: Geology RocksVolcano Day: Geology Rocks (All ages) Thurs 24th August: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Come explore the Earth and learn about the world we live in. Erupt a volcano or become a paleontologist and discover your own fossil. Fun for all the family courtesy of the University of Edinburgh School of GeoSciences.   Find out more

Great shows to check out :

Dr. Zeiffal, Dr. Zeigal and The Hippo That Can Never Be Caught – We loved this show, it’s engaging and quirky and again with plenty of interaction, with the audience wearing their Hippo google goggles and assisting in the search of the elusive Hippo !!  On until the 28th..

Arr We There Yet ? – A total treat of an hour – pirates, sea shanties, swashbuckling sword fighting fun and lots of impressive acrobatics !! Add to the mix some silly puns and its entertaining for the whole family ! Climb aboard and enjoy the fun….On until the 26th

Circus Abyssinia – This was soooooooooo fun !! A great family friendly circus show, with plenty of colour and energy, spectacular pole acrobatics, crazy contortion-ism and lots lots more !  ….On until 26th …

The Road That Wasn’t There – Wonderful, immersive storytelling with dark edges….a beautiful tale of adventures and maps, with a haunting soundtrack, intricate puppets and lots of mystery !  …  On until the 27th…

Morgan and West’s : More Magic For Kids which we loved , you can read the review here – they are such a fantastic duo, charming the audience with their wit and had the children non stop giggling with their rather silly magic ! I’d definitely recommend it , but like last year, it was busy so get tickets early !   …On until the 27th…

China Goes Pop ! Again I would suggest getting tickets early as the queue was massive !! It was very quirky and very fun, with some amazing acrobatics, an infectious pop soundtrack and lots of very smiley, happy performers bringing us an hour of hoops, scooters, circus and hats !! …On until the 27th…

AnimAlphabet the Musical – We really enjoyed this – one for the littler ones, with plenty of music, song and dance and great animal costumes and puppets….On until the 28th…


And not forgetting our old favourites from last year !!! :

Trash Test Dummies – These guys are a firm favourite with my family – dustbins, acrobatics and much silliness ! What more do you need ? (read  review  here)…On until the 26th..

Children Are Stinky – Children are also scaredy cats, lazy, unimaginative and uncoordinated in this madcap hour of acrobatic fun with loveable Australian clown duo ‘Kylie and Jason’. We loved this show last year (see here ), so if you missed it, do do check it out. Expect daredevil stunts, incredible acrobatics, lighting-fast hula hoops, loads of laughs and mischievous fun …On until the 28th…

And if all that wasn’t enough, there is still time to check out our favourite hot donut stall in Assembly George Square Gardens too !!!


Second Week Highlights 2017

It’s been another AMAZING week – well actually more than a week – I’m struggling to keep up as I also had my youngest starting school this week to add into the mix !!

We’ve enjoyed the rather delicious hot doughnut stall in George Square gardens, and hanging out at the BBC tent – they have some great family events this weekend including :

Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science Show (Ages 5-13)   Sat 19 August 11am – 11.30am – Tickets available only from the Info Point on site

The Science Guy Is Back. TV Astronomer and Author Mark Thompson will explore the Strange and Magical Properties of Matter with Exploding Elephant’s Toothpaste, Vortex Generating Dustbins, Growling Jelly Babies and even Flying Toilet Paper!  Find out more

Roald Dahl’s Marvellous MedicineRoald Dahl’s Marvellous Medicine (Ages 7+)  Sun 20th August 2pm – 2.45pm – Tickets available only from the Info Point on site

Join Roald Dahl’s doctor, Professor Tom Solomon, for a fascinating trip into the whoopsey-splunkers world of Dahl. Using Dahl’s fantastical stories, he will explain how the body works, what can go wrong and how we can fix it!  Find out more

We have also seen some fantastic shows this week with a mix of circus, comedy and dance – check out the reviews for more information, but our top tips this week (and for some of them you need to be quick as they finish on the 20th) –

The Listies Make You LOL – If you haven’t checked these guys out, you only have three more chances, though I suspect they will sell out fast….very, very funny and silly sketches including a car trip, lots of poo jokes and some great participation.

Dr. Zeiffal, Dr. Zeigal and The Hippo That Can Never Be Caught – We loved this show, it’s engaging and quirky and again with plenty of interaction, with the audience wearing their Hippo google goggles and assisting in the search of the elusive Hippo !!

Nick Copes Family Songbook – Again only a few chances left to see Nick Cope and enjoy a melodic start to your day. His banter is highly entertaining and all kids will love his songs about pirates, dragons, poo and more !!!

Cirkopolis – For some spectacular circus, with all the favourites of Cyr wheel, diabolo, juggling, Chinese pole and stunning acrobatics, with amazing animations taking you on a journey…check this out, blending story, skills and style – you won’t be disappointed.

For something completely different, check out  Eaten, on at Summerhall, featuring Lionel the Lion who dreams of becoming vegetarian, its a very funny and educational look at what happens to our food when we eat it – with of course lots of obligatory poo jokes and toilet humour !!!

Baby Shows From Scotland….

Katch has been busy checking out what’s available at the festival for babies and littler little ones this year for the blog :

”So we’ve been to our first few shows of the Fringe and I’ve had my first taste of being a mum during crazy August. There are plenty of ways to avoid the busiest crowds and introduce your very little one to the delights of the festivals! We checked out the following shows for little ones, and all of them homegrown and made in Scotland too ! :

First up we enjoyed the soaring voices of Scottish Opera’s BambinO. The story follows a bird, the egg she finds and the relationship between her and the baby bird which hatches. The show is for 0 to 24 months and babies are free to move about as they wish. With live instrumentation and wonderfully expressive faces my little one was content to watch and listen for most of the performance, only becoming a little wriggly towards the end when I put her down and she sat at the performers’ feet and stared up at them.

Written by Scottish Opera’s acclaimed Composer in residence this show is great to nurture your baby’s musical taste. All the babies were kept enthralled throughout. I believe the show is now sold out for the rest of the run, but keep an eye on Scottish Opera as I’m sure there will be more baby shows where this one came from.

Snigel and Friends is an absolutely delightful show which is perfect for non movers and crawlers. Part of the Made in Scotland programme, it has been conceived by Glasgow based Caroline Bowditch, performance artist and choreographer.

Snigel the snail and his brightly coloured friends interact with each other and the babies with friendly faces, noises, props, movements and music. You are requested to keep little ones out of the performance space until the very end so if your little one is an early walker and very active or restless it might not be ideal. Having said that, my crawler was one of the oldest babes in the audience and still content to watch and enjoy until the very end.

Held at Dancebase in the Grassmarket it is advertised for 0 to 12 months – a wonderful sensory experience and a rare example of a show for little ones featuring visibly disabled performers. Highly recommended for the very little ones. (On until 27th August (not 21st) )

Calvinball is brought to you by the company Ipdip, which specialise in early years theatre. One great thing already about this show is that it takes place in the Botanic Gardens, which if the sun is shining is a lovely relaxed place to escape the festival crowds and let a crawler get active.

The show is advertised for 0-5 years. It is led by three very lively and friendly performers who take you through the game, the rules of which are made up on the spot! A mixture of physical activity, song and theatre with props, it is perfect for siblings or an energetic toddler as the audience are encouraged to get up and involved with each other and the performers. Although my little one wasn’t quite ready to get up she was nonetheless kept entertained throughout. It’s also good value if you’re watching the pennies – £5 for everyone over 6 months. If raining you will need to take waterproof clothing as it takes place under some trees outside.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 11, 2pm, 3pm  (Until 27th August, not 22nd) ”



Catch them while you can……only five shows left

I am not entirely sure why, but flicking through the fringe festival brochure the other day, I noticed that quite a few of the children’s shows are finishing on Sunday 20th August….

So, for those of you who are still hoping to check out a few shows, here’s a list of my top five favourite and highly recommended shows that are finishing this coming weekend :

The Listies Make You LOL – Our absolute favourite show so far, The Listies had us giggling from start to finish. We loved the interactive car trip, the poo jokes, the game of pong and all the madness inbetween… looks like Saturday 19th is sold out already , so if you’ve not seen it yet, grab a ticket quickly !!!

Nick Cope’s Family Song Book – We all love listening to Nick Cope – his songs are great – perfect for both adults and children to enjoy and on a wide variety of topics to keep everyone amused ! Dragons, dinosaurs, pirates with food in their beard, supermarket trips and of course poo…he’s got brilliant banter inbetween too !

Hairy Maclary – This is a delightful show, full of songs and audience participation…we get to meet Hairy Maclary and some of his friends, including Scarface Claw- the toughest tom cat in town ! With well loved rhymes, colourful costumes and missing pictures that need to be found, this is an energetic, enjoyable hour…

How To Be A Kid – One for older children (suggestion is 7+), this production in the fantastic Roundabout venue includes stellar storytelling and brings us on a journey with Molly and her rather energetic younger brother Joe as they piece together life without their Nan. With a little Taylor Swift and some dancing thrown in, this is worth checking out.

Mavis Sparkle – We all adore Mavis Sparkle – with her impressive cleaning trolley, her cute friend Spike and the glitter she brought into our lives !!! Settle down and be treated to delightful shadow puppetry, clever illusions, a smattering of tricks and all of this with the hint of real magic in the air!

Hippo -tastic

This year we are being treated to two shows featuring the very lovely Hippo !! This lovable creature is getting it’s moment in the spotlight and we’ve been along to check both of the shows out :

Dr. Zeiffal, Dr. Zeigal and the Hippo That Can Never be Caught is a very fun, creative show, perfect for children as there is loads of interaction and joining in ! We join the highly entertaining and offbeat Dr Zeiffal at the Hippo institute and quickly learn there has been a Hippo sighting in Edinburgh and we all become her assistants in helping her experience her first actual wild Hippo sighting. We get to don our Hippo ‘go-go-goggles’, press the Hippo call button and see the invisible Hippo catching blanket being set with hilarious consequences. The audience also gets to glimpse the elusive (and very cute) Hippo itself which creates much giggling and laughter in the room as Dr. Zeiffal and the Hippo chase each other in circles all around the stage and room itself……Quirky, inventive and lively…it’s well worth joining Dr Zeiffal in her lifetime quest !

Assembly Roxy 10.15  until 28th August, (not 22nd)


In David Walliams’ The First Hippo On The Moon we are treated to not just one hippo, but two ! You’ll have to be quick to catch this show as it’s only on until the 20th August. In this musical adaptation of the book we meet Hercules, with his expensive equipment and rather large ego who is attempting to reach the moon, and Sheila who lives in the zoo and holds her own heartfelt desire to be the first hippo to walk on the moon. Sheila is surrounded by her friends in the zoo who decide to help her with her quest. Beautiful puppets, catchy songs and a very clever set make this an engaging performance. The kids were giggling furiously when we discover Sheila’s rocket is to be powered by that well known rocket fuel of animal dung ! With an ultimately uplifting message of working together, friendship and dreaming big, this is a well crafted and dynamic performance. I would suggest trying to arrive early to get good seats to fully appreciate the puppets and set design….

Pleasance , 12.00 until August 20th…