Mustard Doesn’t Go With Girls

Mustard Doesn’t Go With Girls


In this whirlwind of a musical, mystery adventure, we discover ‘there is no place like home – or is there ?’..not when you live in the town of Bow-On-Tie and the Cabinet is made up of animals with a rather villainous Crocodile as Mayor, ….(sorry, I should be calling her Croc Madam…)..

Bric a Brac theatre have brought us this delight of a show, where we follow the quest of Abigail, (who harbours dreams of becoming a rocket scientist), and her best friend (who would rather no one found out he is a skilled baker) to solve the riddle of the disappearing children who were last seen entering detention. In Bow-on Tie you see, boys and girls cannot be friends, fairy tales are studied at school, everyone must absolutely stick to the rules, and that is how it must be.

Abigail however, is not just going to sit about and let this happen and she sets out to prove that a girl can indeed save the day ! A hugely talented cast whisk us along on this inspiring investigation, fully engaging the audience with their colourful characters, brilliant songs, touches of humour and just enough menace to keep us all on our toes ! The intimate venue works fantastically for this production, involving us all in the action and enabling the performers to weave through the audience and get up close and personal !

With the ultimately uplifting message of we should be free to be whoever we want to be, this warming, witty and melodic show is not to be missed….

My mini reviewers said : “..I didn’t like it – I LOVED it..”

..I liked Croc Madam – she was scary…”

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