Trick of The Light Theatre have brought their intricate magic to the fringe once again with this captivating, atmospheric fairy tale which is just ever so slightly scary….

Otto is 12, but likes to say he’s 13, he has recently moved home, and as we slowly discover, he is nursing his loneliness at school by spending time on chatrooms in the very middle of the night. One night however, he hears something that certainly isn’t a possum…..

We are instantly immersed in the story, and whisked away on this tale of an unlikely friendship between Otto and his Icelandic grandmother, who most definitely believes in trolls. This intriguing production explores the monsters that we may all be fighting within and the places we find support to tackle them. Computer cables become alive, smart phones are used to create cities on the walls and imaginative use of lighting and shadows means we are all fully engaged.

Blending the mythological and technological worlds seamlessly, with welcome touches of humour, Troll is definitely a story worth settling in for….

My mini reviewer said : ” was nerve gripping, sad and happy – I felt all of the emotions – it was epic..”

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