Three comically crafted life sized oysters welcome us in and set the scene as they banter and argue with each other to the soundtrack of Bob Marley’s ‘Every thing’s gonna be alright’. With a small and ingenious cast, beautiful oyster costumes and effective lighting and sound effects, we are delightfully transported into their world beside the sea. Together with the oysters, we watch Mermalade- our mermaid heroine of the show discover a box, a cryptic note and a necklace with one dangling pearl. The guileless curiosity of the oysters together with the feisty determination of Mermalade, quickly draw us into the story-eager to know how she will fair on her quest for an answer that makes sense of it all.

Our heroine, whom having used her wit, modesty and cunning to elicit an answer she wants to hear, is instead left thwarted. It takes the help of the Moon, Stars, Sun, and God of Thunder to collectively open Mermalade’s eyes so that she can see the beautiful shining truth in front of her.

This intimate piece of theatre performance effortlessly weaves in the complexities of the ‘big questions in life’ (as well as the big cosmic bodies in the universe), whilst keeping the younger members of the audience amused with traditional comic interludes.

My mini reviewer says: “I liked it when the oysters were being silly and when the stars came out”.