An instantly lovable, dungaree wearing, dynamic duo take us through this absolute madcap hour of messy fun…

As the two boys grapple with getting their mess under control so they can get the ultimate reward – a bicycle ride – bedlam ensues ! Plenty of slapstick comedy ensures the young audience is giggling right from the start, and indeed the giggling barely stops. We are taken through a whirlwind of silliness as toilet paper is fired out among us, water sprays from all directions and pants, juggling batons and giant balls fly over the stage. The talented duo embrace the often unpredictable audience reactions and think quickly on their feet ! Add into this mix some impressive acrobatics, contortionism, funky dance moves, and clowning and you’ve got fantastic results !

Encouraging your kids to clean their room will never quite be the same again ! Younger children will undoubtedly love this – just make sure you sit near the front for full chaos….

My mini reviewers said : ”….I liked the toilet guns best….”

‘I thought the big bicycle was super cool…”

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