Catch it while you can…

Cian Killick and Corman Mohally as Lords of Strut in Edinburgh. IMAGE: @magicbibbyI am not sure who was enjoying the Lords of Strut: The Family Show more today – the adults or the children?, but it’s fair to say this fast paced, chaotic show is entertaining for the whole family. I caught a brief snapshot of these guys last year and I was keen to see them perform a  full family show and I wasn’t disappointed !

Proudly exclaiming they will bring us the ‘greatest dancing this rental hall has ever seen’, Irish brothers Famous Seamus and Sean-tastic lead us through an hour of brilliant break dancing, amazing acrobatics and some really rather attractive shellsuits and spandex ! Set along to some familiar 80s tunes that got the whole audience clapping along, this show is filled with wit and charm. The rapport between the two performers is fantastic and means there is never a dull moment, and of course, the audience are required to get involved along the way too..

Sprinkled with a few surprises, (I am not sure I will ever be able to look at a teaspoon in quite the same way for a while), this silly show is sure to brighten up your afternoon.

The show is only on until the 16th August, so grab a ticket while you can…

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