So, we have had yet another lovely weekend of festivalling, and it feels a bit sad as the schools are going back this week and so our time together to go and see shows and hang out in all the fun places is now being cut short…

We made the most of it this weekend and saw the fantastic Albee Vector the Sound Collector, which I have been wanting to see since last year. It was a brilliant show, with lots of audience participation in the collection of sounds and some clever use of all those old jam jars that are normally thrown away ! I would highly recommend seeing it if you can, Albee and the lovely Adromeda are skilled storytellers and you’ll love meeting Mustard – the sound hoover too !

We also made it down to the brilliant Book Festival ! It was a great morning of events, discovering new books in the bookshop and squeezing in some colouring in too…I am looking forward to returning there a few times in the next two weeks.

I have been busy writing up reviews for the shows we have been seeing, so please take the time to check them out here if you have a moment….

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