More fun times ahead….Art Walk Porty this weekend…’s been a busy old festival season –  32 shows later and I am exhausted ! I’m also feeling a little sad that it is all over as I’ve had so much fun and it’s great to see the city so alive with all the shows, performers and events.

But there is no need to be sad for long as I have done a little research and September promises to bring us some fantastic festivals and events too including Septemberfest, a Harvest festival, Viking festival and even a Pirate day !  I am sure all of these will help ease us all into the Autumn….

So, today the fun kicks off with the Art Walk Porty – on from the 3rd – 6th September, this art project celebrates the public space and artistic activity of Portobello, featuring open artist studios, site-specific beach art, pop-up makers markets and more.

Site specific works will be placed in many hidden and unfamiliar parts of the prom and beach. Amongst the works, Emma Macleod creates a clay ceramic installation for the Figgate Burn tunnel playing homage to Portobello’s industrial past and Lauren Fox creates a tidal octopus positioned at the end of the groyne on Bath Street, only fully visible at low tide. On the high street St Mark’s Church is home to a new installation from Juliana Capes.

Check out the website for more information, but with art walks, open studios and art in the shops and cafes it all looks really interesting….


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