BBC tent 2016 is now open…

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So, today the lovely BBC tent opened in its brand new location and it is looking as beautiful as ever, the luscious green grass is back, as are the deckchairs; the new space feels roomier and has an incredible backdrop of Edinburgh Castle !

They have a host of free children’s events going on over the next few weeks- which can be seen here, but to kick things off, this weekend:

Saturday 6th they have Digital Toybox from 10.30 , so go along and build electronic gadgets and have a go at 3D printing. Digital Toybox offer ‘mobile makerspaces’ based in City of Edinburgh Libraries and encourage young people to learn new skills through projects presented in a hands on and high impact way.

On Sunday 8th they have Edinburgh Art Festival Dazzle Ship Art Table  again from 10.30 which  is inspired by the Edinburgh Art Festival Dazzle Ship Scotland docked down in Leith. Create your own dazzle ship designs, boats and objects made up of geometric shapes, patterns and colours as seen in the dazzle ships of WW1.


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