BBC at the Edinburgh Festival 2018 – a bit of a let down

I was hoping to share my usual enthusiasm for this great space during the festival, but whilst the BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals tent is now open and inviting you in to sit on the lovely deckchairs, lie on the bright green fake grass, play ping pong to our hearts content and eat delicious snacks ….. all from the 3rd – 27th August !!! – I have to share my HUGE disappointment that this year there are NO specific kids activities or shows, or their fabulous CBeebies weekends and arts and crafts …yup, not a single child specific activity this year folks…..speaking to one of the team they mentioned budget costs, streamlining blah blah blah…I’ve already tweeted them and will email them via their website too….such a shame.

It has returned to the luscious site at George Heriot’s School though which means great views of the Castle, especially with the fireworks ! And is still a great place to hang out, to get a bit of peace from the chaos on the streets – – it does have giant connect 4 and ping pong still – it was just much more friendly and inviting with the kids being catered for too !!

You can check out their Facebook page here for regular updates about events and (adult) shows!!


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