Last two days…

The count down is on till the end of the Fringe and if you’re still thinking of cramming in a few shows or events, you’d best do it now !

The BBC tent has some more Digital Fun stuff going on tomorrow (Sunday 30th) :

They have digital toys to play with from the University of Edinburgh, including robots, coding apps, board games and build-your-own electronic toys.

They also have interactive sessions with Foxdog Studios, who’ll be making music in the Pink Tent with help from audience members, who’ll use phones and tablets to control games, drawings and musical instruments.

Once again its all free, pop down between 10am and 4pm .

If you are thinking of squeezing in one more show, I would recommend :

Enjoy the last few days !!

Tiger – tastic at the Pleasance….

It appears the Pleasance has fallen in love with large stripy orange and black cats this year, hosting three Tiger themed children’s shows for us all to enjoy. Differing in their portrayal of these elegant cats, all three shows are worth a peek :

You Look Tasty ! (A Play by A. Tiger ) – An escaped Tiger has a penchant for amateur dramatics, bringing a show to the Fringe itself. In this captivating performance, one of his zookeepers tells us how it all came about. Harriet Kemsely is absolutely fantastic as the traumatised and nervous zookeeper, she is a talented storyteller, able to keep the whole audience in rapt attention. The odd appearance of a tiger’s tail and the occasional roar keeps the suspense going, with only a few children seemingly brave enough to actually go on stage. As we unravel the events, and meet a second zookeeper, we are also introduced to the wider concepts of animals reared in captivity and the relationships and bonds they form with their human caregivers. Funny, scary, thought-provoking and silly….go check it out if you can !

The Tiger Who Came To Tea – I am sure every parent and child is familiar with this story from the much loved book by Judith Kerr, about a hungry Tiger who joins a little girl called Sophie and her Mummy for tea. This is a fantastic adaptation of the book, and keeps it’s original and simple charm. Whilst being a rather short story – this production adds in some songs and dances to make it all last a little longer. The set is gorgeous and looks exactly like the original illustrations and it is used in some clever tricks to surprise the audience. The greatest surprise of all was the Tiger himself who drew a great response of excitement from the audience and had us all up singing and dancing with him too ! A delightful show to enjoy with little ones….

Mr Tiger Goes Wild – The only show in the tiger trilogy that I have not managed to see yet but I have read good things about it – especially the music ! “Mr Tiger was perfectly fine in the city – until he had a wonderfully wild idea! A show for ages 3+ that’s a bit rock’n’roll, adapted from the book by Peter Brown. Join Mr Tiger on an adventure into the wilderness featuring original live music, hilarious characters and lots of imagination that will have children roaring with laughter.”

So there you have it – for Tiger fans everywhere large and small – three delightful shows to choose from – each offering something a little bit special……(I wonder if this will become an annual event and next year we’ll see another animal being featured)…

Pleasance Kidzone 2015

Each year the Pleasance has a fantastic kidzone – packed with fun craft activities, toys, picnic tables, buggy park and a few food stalls so importantly parents can also grab a well deserved cup of coffee !

Children can also enjoy storytelling sessions, face painting, music, author book signings and regular visits from all the Pleasance performers, so it is a gem of a place to spend some time with kids during the festival season.

The Pleasance’s 2015 children’s programme is almost double what is has been in previous years, with a whopping number of 26 shows for you to choose from – you can read all about them here.

Here are a few of my top picks :

  • Alfie White : Space Explorer – Brought this year by Tall Stories who came to Edinburgh last year with Emily brown and the thing which was extremely enchanting- this shows looks worth a peek. Alfie White is crazy about space. And his dad is training to be the first man on the moon. At least that’s what Alfie tells his schoolmates. In fact, Alfie’s dad has disappeared without trace… A cosmic tale of adventure and discovery for everyone aged 5+                                 
  • The Tiger Who Came To Tea – The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be? …..Most parents and children will be familiar with this delightful tale which has spanned generations and this show packed with music and clumsy chaos looks exciting !  (Ages 2 +)               
  • Albee Vector The Sound Collector – This show was part of the free fringe last year and I mentioned it in my blog as being worth visiting but I never made it myself – judging by it’s return to the Pleasance venue this year, it’s well worth the trip ! An epic tale of love, adventure and a sound-hoover called Mustard. Find out how Albee and his love Andromeda survived kings, curses and cruelty on their quest for beautiful sound in the world. (Ages 4+)                                             Albee Vector the Sound Collector
  • Rosie’s Magic Horse – If an ice lolly stick can dream of being a horse, what magic might follow? A fantastic story based on the book by Russell Hoban. This looks very mystical and enchanting…..(Ages 3-8)                                             

Definitely looks like its worth visiting the kidzone again this year….