Fringe By The Sea 2015 – 10th -16th August North Berwick

Fringe By The Sea has a stunning beach location, so you can enjoy a great family seaside day out and catch a festival show too ! It’s like a minature Edinburgh Fringe festival and as such it hosts a handful of family friendly shows and events that are well worth checking out – I’ve picked a few in particular :

Mr Boom – Festival veteran Mr Boom will be back again to entertain children with his one-man band from the moon ! This promises to be an exciting mix of song, dance and audience participation !              12th August 3pm, 13th August 11am  (ages 3-9)

Tales in the Tide – Do you dare to take the hand of a mermaid? Swim with a Selkie? Hear the song of a Siren? Such stories are only fishwives’ tales… or are they? Come and join this London-based theatre company as they transport you deep into the enchanting depths of some of the greatest folktales and fairytales of the tides.      12th and 13th August 4.30pm (Age 7+)


Funbox – The magical FUNBOX contains everything you need to sing a song and have an adventure, but it’s locked tight, and won’t open until you find the special keys to open it up. Where could those keys be hiding though? Can you help to find them all?       13th August 2pm

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