Splendid Summerhall…

I do love Summerhall – it is a fantastic venue that has constantly grown and developed over the past few years and now hosts such an exciting festival line-up. It is also a great venue in itself, with a cool cafe that is perfect for families and those bringing buggies/pushchairs and Summerhall even boasts its own brewery and now a Gin distillery too !

This year Summerhall plays host to a wide variety of family shows – here are a few of my top picks :

  • The Voice ThiefWelcome to The MacKenzie Institute for the Encouragement of Vocal Harmony, a darkly mysterious place where hundreds of girls’ voices have been held captive for years. This is the first time that the public have been allowed into The Institute and it may also be the last one. Aged 9 +


  • Chicken Licken and The Little Red Hen – Mixed into this recipe of food, puppets and music is the story of Little Red Hen and the sly Foxy Loxy. Will she outwit him and save her stuffing?



  • Anatomy of the piano (for beginners)I think this show looks fascinating and musical treat   – “Will asks Father Christmas for a spaceship – he gets a piano! This is a breathtaking adventure into the world of pianos, revealing where they come from, how they evolved and why they make a pretty cool Christmas present.”

  • Our Teacher’s a Troll – Two terrible twins with a talent for turmoil rule their school with terror and tyranny, until the arrival of a new head teacher with green scaly skin, sharp fangs and a long spiky tail.

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