First day…

So after all the anticipation and build up, today was the first day that I ventured into festival-land and saw some shows…and it’s been fantastic, also helped by the large amounts of sunshine – yay !

I am going to be doing some reviews of shows over on my reviews page – so do start checking that out soon, but to give you a wee run down on my first glimpse of some shows:

We went to see ‘Morgan and West’s Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show for kids‘ which was really fun – they were really interactive with the audience and there was lots of opportunity for audience participation which went down well and all the tricks seemed to amaze everyone (adults included) – its been selling out, so best to book early.  Then we saw ‘The princess and the frog‘ which was a delight, beautiful costumes and really engaging characters, with such fantastic dancing – it’s a great introduction to ballet for wee ones and all of the children there today were enchanted throughout.

But the most mind blowingly amazing show I saw today and one which I think may be hard to top in the next few weeks is ‘Traces‘  – its a mix of acrobatics, circus, music and dance – the seven performers were incredible and there were a few ‘on the edge of your seat’ moments during the show, with a pulsing soundtrack and some really fun and genuine moments, I enjoyed every single second – and so did the kids ! It was packed out tonight on its opening, so I think it’ll be another one to grab tickets while you can….

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