Highlights from the first week…

Phew…it’s all gone by in a bit of a blur, but the first week of the Fringe has been amazing. I have managed to squeeze in ALOT of seeing shows, a moderate amount of hanging out at the BBC tent, a touch of ‘flyers for shows’ collecting and what feels like a tiny pinch of blogging about it all….the sun has been kind enough to shine, ice creams have been eaten and I am feeling great !
It is hard to believe there are still another two and a half weeks to go and the book festival has not even started yet either – I am not sure where I will get the energy from to continue but I am loving the festival 2015 so far…
Here are a few of my highlights from the past week :

  • Traces – as I mentioned in my earlier post about my first day at the festival, this show is absolutely amazing, and still my overall highlight so far. Seven extremely talented and skilled circus performers take you on a journey, intertwining their acrobatic skills with moments of humour and friendship, and most impressively singing in Chinese- you are left wondering if there is anything these guys are not able to do !
  • Secret Life of Suitcases – The Storytelling Centre once again has a hidden gem of a show this festival – this is a beautiful, heart warming piece of theater with some exquisite puppetry. The set is gorgeous, and transforms along with this tale of embracing life’s adventures when you can…
  • Trash Test Dummies – featuring a trio of loveable Aussie clowns, this is a great family circus show with a good balance of acrobatics, clowning and musical fun.
  • Lords of Strut : The Family Show – see the blog post below – these guys were very, very entertaining – fun and mayhem for the whole family.

Both the BBC tent and the Pleasance Kidzone have proved great places to hang out with children. The BBC tent offers a ping pong table, deckchairs, IPads, a big screen showing various shows and a free photo-booth whilst the Pleasance Kidzone has arts and crafts, picnic tables, a puppet theatre and lots of visitors from children’s shows taking place at the various Pleasance venues.

I’m just hoping I find some more time to get out and about and enjoy it all ….

First day…

So after all the anticipation and build up, today was the first day that I ventured into festival-land and saw some shows…and it’s been fantastic, also helped by the large amounts of sunshine – yay !

I am going to be doing some reviews of shows over on my reviews page – so do start checking that out soon, but to give you a wee run down on my first glimpse of some shows:

We went to see ‘Morgan and West’s Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show for kids‘ which was really fun – they were really interactive with the audience and there was lots of opportunity for audience participation which went down well and all the tricks seemed to amaze everyone (adults included) – its been selling out, so best to book early.  Then we saw ‘The princess and the frog‘ which was a delight, beautiful costumes and really engaging characters, with such fantastic dancing – it’s a great introduction to ballet for wee ones and all of the children there today were enchanted throughout.

But the most mind blowingly amazing show I saw today and one which I think may be hard to top in the next few weeks is ‘Traces‘  – its a mix of acrobatics, circus, music and dance – the seven performers were incredible and there were a few ‘on the edge of your seat’ moments during the show, with a pulsing soundtrack and some really fun and genuine moments, I enjoyed every single second – and so did the kids ! It was packed out tonight on its opening, so I think it’ll be another one to grab tickets while you can….