Second Week Highlights…

So, it’s been another whirlwind of a week at the festival and I’m loving it ! (I’m also slightly looking forward to all the sleep I hope to be getting in September !) The Book Festival is also now officially open, so you’ve got another space to go and hang out in and check out all the fun activities and events for kids….

I’ve seen some great shows this week (check out my reviews) and have loved pretty much all of them, my highlights being :

  • The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad – I absolutely LOVED this show, it’s brilliant and beautiful and brave and charming….check out this post for more details – an immersive show about loss and all the big feelings surrounding it. (Bring a hanky!)
  • The Bookbinder – an enchanting production, featuring imaginative storytelling and beautiful papercraft….about a Bookbinder’s apprentice who travels into a wonderful world to rectify a mistake.
  • A Simple Space – Seven young, unbelievably talented acrobats push themselves to their physical limits and beyond in an awe-inspiring performance of supreme acrobatic ability, strength and skill. They manage to also make it playful and fun for the audience and is a delight to watch !
  • Trash Test Dummies – I love these guys – three lovable Australian acrobats who do some amazing things with the mundane wheely bin, a bit of acrobatics, juggling, clowning music and ….mayhem !

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