Fantastic Friday…..

I had a great day yesterday at the festival, starting with seeing Sticks Stones Broken Bones by the brilliant Bunk Puppets. This was a real gem of a show, quirky, imaginative and perfect for children. The shadow puppet is totally captivating and older children would enjoy being able to see all the mundane objects that are transformed into the characters on screen…..well work a look.

This was followed by the most awe inspiring, fantastic and motivating Glasgow Girls – this is one for older children/teenagers – recommended for ages 12 and above. I know they want to encourage more young people to see this show and it’s clear to see why – it’s a powerful tale – well, actually true story of a group of seven ‘fiesty’ friends at High School in Glasgow, who decide to do something and object when their friends start being taken away and affected by the dawn raids and deportations. Excellent choreography, brilliant singing, some Scottish humour, very current and timely topic, delivering an important message……everyone should be seeing this show.

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