Final weekending…

So,…it’s been a jam packed few weeks and here we are, ready for the final weekend of the Fringe, and we’ve got the Portobello Big Beach Busk on Saturday 27th, the Book festival is still going strong and the Edinburgh Art Festival is finishing on Sunday too….so many choices ! If you’re still thinking of cramming in a few more shows, now’s the time to do it !

My final ten recommendations of shows still on this weekend would be :

  • The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad– Absolutely fantastic show, dealing with loss and the big feelings that surround this. Gentle, beautiful and brave…last show 28th August.
  • Children Are Stinky – Very fun and silly acrobatic and clown show from a lovable Australian Duo – featuring hula hoops, chairs and a fantastic soundtrack, lots of fun for the whole family !  Last show 29th..
  • 360 Allstars – Featuring some spectacular BMX tricks, brilliant basketball, impressive breakdancing and live beat-boxing – this show has something for everyone ! A jam packed hour of talented performers showing off their skills ! Last show on 29th…
  • Shark In The Park – Really enjoyable adaptation of the very popular books….featuring lots of singing, puppets and surprises. Last show on the 29th …
  • Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones – Using some inventive household objects, and even audience members shoes – this is a great little shadow puppet show. Featuring a few short stories in shadow puppetry…. Last show on 29th August.
  • The Bookbinder – an enchanting production, featuring imaginative storytelling and beautiful papercraft….about a Bookbinder’s apprentice who travels into a wonderful world to rectify a mistake. Last show on the 28th.
  • Beards ! Beards ! Beards !Ace show about a girl called Beatrix who wants to have a beard like all the wise and important men in history. Quirky and innovative with lots of great to catch for sure ! Last show on 28th.
  • Glasgow Girls – One for older children but absolute highlight of my fringe, fantastic musical about a very important and temporary topic of immigration and asylum seekers. Last show on 28th
  • Celeste’s Circus – One for younger children -this is a really sweet little show for under fives. Celeste takes us to the circus, using a lovely handmade set and featuring a cat, seal, dogs, hippo and elephant ! Last show the 28th August.

If you’re out and about – enjoy it !! And let’s hope the weather is also kind….

Third Week Highlights…..

Another busy week has passed, and I’ve seen some great and unusual shows too ! A little bit of everything ! We’re in the final week of the Fringe now, with most shows finishing on the 29th August…so if you’ve been thinking of checking something out -now is the time to get organised and do it !!

Highlights this week have included the following  (there were others but they have finished their runs already sadly-like Snail and the Whale and Poggle) :

  • The Glasgow Girls – This has to be one of my total highlights of the Fringe so far this year. It’s brilliant – powerful, moving, musical and fun ! It’s recommended for ages 12+, and I think is a really important piece of theatre for this age group. Please, please try and catch it – last performance 28th August.
  • Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones – Using some inventive household objects, and even audience members shoes – this is a great little shadow puppet show by the brilliant Bunk puppets. Featuring a few short stories in shadow puppetry, it’s unique to also be able to see ‘behind the scenes’ too ! On until the 29th August.
  • The Amazing Bubble Man – I felt like I’d been missing out on something, having never seen the bubble man, even after he’s been here for at least the last nine years! I finally went to see him and really enjoyed the show – he certainly knows how to work his bubbles, putting smoke inside them, making big ones, square ones, spinning alien ship ones, light up ones, helium filled ones….it’s a hit with all the bubble fans out there and he includes a little bit of bubble science too for the older ‘kids’ inside the venue ! On until the 29th August.
  • Celeste’s Circus – This is a really sweet little show for the under fives. Celeste takes us to the circus, using a lovely handmade set and featuring a cat, seal, dogs, hippo and elephant ! Lots of cute touches for the little ones and the perfect length too to keep everyone entertained ! On the 26th-28th August.
  • Hup – A quirky, gentle piece for under twos – four musicians delight the crowd with their music and a playful racoon. Really really lovely…..On until the 28th (not 24th).

For something a little different, I would recommend :

  • Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours – I LOVED every minute of this and can see it working really well with families – there were some kids on my tour too….everyone gets headsets and listens and sings along to some very familiar disco tracks whilst ‘dancing’ around the city being led by Guru Dudu, who advises on some dance moves, some choreography and gives some great chat !! VERY fun indeed…..on until the 29th, a few tours a day !
  • Teatro Delusio – Three actors are able to be 29 characters with no words – it’s amazing really, through the use of masks they are able to transform completely and have the audience transfixed in a story of the backstage of a theatre. One for older children perhaps, but my seven year old daughter enjoyed it and loved the masks…On until the 29th August

Fantastic Friday…..

I had a great day yesterday at the festival, starting with seeing Sticks Stones Broken Bones by the brilliant Bunk Puppets. This was a real gem of a show, quirky, imaginative and perfect for children. The shadow puppet is totally captivating and older children would enjoy being able to see all the mundane objects that are transformed into the characters on screen…..well work a look.

This was followed by the most awe inspiring, fantastic and motivating Glasgow Girls – this is one for older children/teenagers – recommended for ages 12 and above. I know they want to encourage more young people to see this show and it’s clear to see why – it’s a powerful tale – well, actually true story of a group of seven ‘fiesty’ friends at High School in Glasgow, who decide to do something and object when their friends start being taken away and affected by the dawn raids and deportations. Excellent choreography, brilliant singing, some Scottish humour, very current and timely topic, delivering an important message……everyone should be seeing this show.

Bunk Puppets at the Fringe…

If you’re looking for something a bit different and unique, I highly recommend checking out the two shows by Bunk Puppets at the Fringe this year – these are the guys that have previously brought us Swamp Juice and Slapdash Galaxy.  Using bits of rubbish, and household items, they create amazing shadow puppet shows like you’ve never seen before….it is really really worth checking out. Both shows are suitable for the whole family. – I am off to see both shows over the weekend and if they are anything like Slapdash Galaxy then I’m in for a real treat !

Tink TankOn a dusty outback farm, the fates of a rooster, a cow, a blowfly and a baby collide. Using bits of rubbish and household junk, Hamish Fletcher and Jules Chapple create a shadow puppet universe on a farm. On everyday at 2pm until the 29th August


Sticks, Stone, Broken BonesFlying chickens, brain transplants and sneaky ninjas.‘His imagination is glorious and this one-man show has so many characters and interesting situations that you can’t help but be captivated’….On everyday at 12.10 until the 29th August