Third Week Highlights…..

Another busy week has passed, and I’ve seen some great and unusual shows too ! A little bit of everything ! We’re in the final week of the Fringe now, with most shows finishing on the 29th August…so if you’ve been thinking of checking something out -now is the time to get organised and do it !!

Highlights this week have included the following  (there were others but they have finished their runs already sadly-like Snail and the Whale and Poggle) :

  • The Glasgow Girls – This has to be one of my total highlights of the Fringe so far this year. It’s brilliant – powerful, moving, musical and fun ! It’s recommended for ages 12+, and I think is a really important piece of theatre for this age group. Please, please try and catch it – last performance 28th August.
  • Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones – Using some inventive household objects, and even audience members shoes – this is a great little shadow puppet show by the brilliant Bunk puppets. Featuring a few short stories in shadow puppetry, it’s unique to also be able to see ‘behind the scenes’ too ! On until the 29th August.
  • The Amazing Bubble Man – I felt like I’d been missing out on something, having never seen the bubble man, even after he’s been here for at least the last nine years! I finally went to see him and really enjoyed the show – he certainly knows how to work his bubbles, putting smoke inside them, making big ones, square ones, spinning alien ship ones, light up ones, helium filled ones….it’s a hit with all the bubble fans out there and he includes a little bit of bubble science too for the older ‘kids’ inside the venue ! On until the 29th August.
  • Celeste’s Circus – This is a really sweet little show for the under fives. Celeste takes us to the circus, using a lovely handmade set and featuring a cat, seal, dogs, hippo and elephant ! Lots of cute touches for the little ones and the perfect length too to keep everyone entertained ! On the 26th-28th August.
  • Hup – A quirky, gentle piece for under twos – four musicians delight the crowd with their music and a playful racoon. Really really lovely…..On until the 28th (not 24th).

For something a little different, I would recommend :

  • Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours – I LOVED every minute of this and can see it working really well with families – there were some kids on my tour too….everyone gets headsets and listens and sings along to some very familiar disco tracks whilst ‘dancing’ around the city being led by Guru Dudu, who advises on some dance moves, some choreography and gives some great chat !! VERY fun indeed…..on until the 29th, a few tours a day !
  • Teatro Delusio – Three actors are able to be 29 characters with no words – it’s amazing really, through the use of masks they are able to transform completely and have the audience transfixed in a story of the backstage of a theatre. One for older children perhaps, but my seven year old daughter enjoyed it and loved the masks…On until the 29th August

Shows for ‘littler’ little ones….

My friend will be returning to visit this year with her (slightly bigger) baby, so I’ve done some research on suitable shows for littler children and it seems that this year rather brilliantly there are plenty of shows to choose from !

I think it’s great-it’s a good way to introduce children to theatre and fantastic that shows are being aimed at this age group and making them and their parents feel welcome !! The shows look like they will bring lots of exciting colours, textures and sounds to the festival too…..

Puzzle – I was lucky enough to see this last year (and wrote a review here) and thought it was captivating, colourful and charming !! A beautiful piece of younger children’s theatre exploring colours and shapes set to enchanting music composed especially for the age group.     August 5th – 20th (not 14th)

Hup – This musical piece for 0-24 month olds looks inspiring and fun – ‘two violins, one cello and one very mischievous raccoon.‘Both transfixing and mesmerizing, this relaxed and intimate delight of a performance is full of surprises geared right at tiny tots …’    August 11th – 28th (not17th/18th/24th)

Celeste’s CircusCeleste warmly invites wee ones to join her circus trip.See the high-wire hippo, the peek-a-boo cat and a lovable seal performing for paper fish. This charming show is designed for 0-5 years and looks like alot of fun!  August  4th-16th (not 10th) and 19th-21st and 26th – 28th


Poggle -‘ Mischief maker, maker of fun. Tumble tumble, tickle my tum. Beasties beasties, buzzing bees, Poggle’s not scared of climbing trees. Vince wants to explore the forest but he’s too scared until he meets Poggle, a friendly creature who takes him on an adventure to the magical musical tree’. This dance theatre show with live music looks imaginative and unique…for ages 6 months – 4 years.     August 5th – 21st (not 8th/15th)

Head In The Clouds – This year’s offering by Ipdip who create performances especially for early years looks enchanting and sure to be fully immersive with sounds, touch, smell and visual treats. ‘Cirrus the dog has a serious job: he has to keep watch on the sheep. What to do when they lose themselves, drifting amongst the dancing clouds? How can he help these woolly-headed dreamers get back down to earth? ‘ For 0-5 years.                 August 8th – 28th (not 10th/17th/24th)

Nick Cope’s Family Songbook We have been lucky enough to see Nick Cope a few times before and we have all enjoyed every single second- he sings gorgeous songs about everything from socks, supermarkets, bears and dragons. Audience participation is included and the kids will love him! If you haven’t heard his songs or seen his shows before, come and find out what you’re missing. For 0-8 years                                                                                   3rd-21st August (not 17th)