Missing all the fun….

I’m experiencing a little bit of heart ache this week – we would usually be going to the press launches, sitting in on our first shows, planning busy days armed with a festival brochure,  walking through a busy Edinburgh, with all the sights, smells and sounds of the festival….all with that hint of magic in the air…

The anticipation and excitement of the first week is addictive -the shows we’ve yet to discover, the people we’ve yet to meet, the food we are going to sample – visits from friends and family and the long days which turn into long nights and if we’re lucky, turn into an early morning again !!

My heart is also aching for all those involved in the arts industry and events, what a catastrophic time for everyone involved – there’s really not much to say about it all, but only to optimistically hope that somehow, things will be in a better place next year and we can all gather together again…..

There are ways to support various artists, performers and venues during this strange time and I hope to share some of these in upcoming posts….

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