Hello my old friends……

It feels very strange to be writing this….like picking up a neglected diary from years gone by….and I know I am very late in my rambles this year (I’ve returned to university in my fourth decade and its a little distracting !), so please accept my apologies…

But it’s so very very exciting to have walked past George Square and see the Spiegal tent in situ; to see the food trucks take their places and walk down the Royal Mile and catch a street performer back in action…..these are all the signs of a festival slowly and cautiously returning.

This year will obviously be very different, with a mix of live shows, on demand shows to watch in the comfort of your own home and digital shows at set times and dates….I am still trying to wrap my head around all of the offerings and hope to slowly share a few of my findings with you over the next few days and weeks.

To start off, here are all the children’s shows in the programme at the moment, have a browse, and we’ll catch up soon……

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