Catch them while you can….

It feels like the fringe has only just got started, but some shows have limited days left to see them and finish up on Sunday 14th August, so be quick if you don’t want to miss out!…

I Piano – We have seen a previous version of this show – review here. And it’s in the most amazing venue of the Pianodrome which is worth a visit in itself. The piano has lost its music! But a little girl wants to help the piano find it again, and together they set off on a magical adventure. They meet a mad conductor in a mountain, a monk on a scooter at the North Pole and an octopus dancing on the bottom of the sea. With all three, they play games and hunt down clues, before at last finding the music in each other’s hearts. A beautiful, intimate performance….

Marcel Lucont: Les Enfants Terribles – A Gameshow for Awful Children – I have only seen Marcel in his adult shows and they are very very I expect the same will apply here! The UK’s favourite Frenchman channels his acerbic humour and quick-fire wit into a family gameshow, pitting children against adults and each other to try and find the most awful child. Come and experience what happens when international insouciance meets infantile exuberance, as children get to experience being politicians, pests and petomanes to win this badge of dishonour.

The Adventures of Bo Peep – Our mini-reviewer loved seeing this – full review here. Immerse yourself in the sights, smells and feel of the farm…. Counting sheep always sends Bo Peep off to sleep by bedtime, but with no sign of them yet she’ll be up all night searching. Bo Peep needs your help to save her little lambkins from danger! One for the younger ones age 2- 6…finishing up on Tuesday 16th August,

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