Kidnapped ..

For anyone looking for some top class entertainment for adults and kids alike and a great night out at the theatre – look no further than Kidnapped – currently on at the Lyceum….

This modern re-telling of the well loved tale is everything you want and more ! Pirates, shipwrecks, romance, pop classics and everything in between…

Isobel McArthur, who wrote Pride and Prejudice (sort of).. which we also loved dearly, has given Kidnapped her own touch of magic, relaying the story through Robert Louis Stevensons’ wife Frances, who brings her own brilliant presence to the stage, sprinkled with her wit, charm, incredible voice and her backstory which adds depth and perspective to the origins of the Kidnapped story…

We are whizzed through the adventure at a fantastic pace as recently bereaved young Davie Balfour leaves his Borders home to walk to Edinburgh in search of his newly discovered Uncle, and instead is unwittingly kidnapped and taken aboard a questionable vessel with an equally questionable crew ! Davies’ adventures take us back to the mainland, and through a whirlwind of politics, fighting, gambling and romance….the versatility of the cast to flit between songs and instruments and characters is truly astounding !

My (sort of) mini reviewer loved it too, with her highlights being the gambling sequence featuring a healthy dose of kazoos and the angry, grumbling, megaphone toteing lady !

On until the 22nd April, this whimsical version will have you laughing out loud and being emotionally moved in equal proportion…

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