Hippo -tastic

This year we are being treated to two shows featuring the very lovely Hippo !! This lovable creature is getting it’s moment in the spotlight and we’ve been along to check both of the shows out :

Dr. Zeiffal, Dr. Zeigal and the Hippo That Can Never be Caught is a very fun, creative show, perfect for children as there is loads of interaction and joining in ! We join the highly entertaining and offbeat Dr Zeiffal at the Hippo institute and quickly learn there has been a Hippo sighting in Edinburgh and we all become her assistants in helping her experience her first actual wild Hippo sighting. We get to don our Hippo ‘go-go-goggles’, press the Hippo call button and see the invisible Hippo catching blanket being set with hilarious consequences. The audience also gets to glimpse the elusive (and very cute) Hippo itself which creates much giggling and laughter in the room as Dr. Zeiffal and the Hippo chase each other in circles all around the stage and room itself……Quirky, inventive and lively…it’s well worth joining Dr Zeiffal in her lifetime quest !

Assembly Roxy 10.15  until 28th August, (not 22nd)


In David Walliams’ The First Hippo On The Moon we are treated to not just one hippo, but two ! You’ll have to be quick to catch this show as it’s only on until the 20th August. In this musical adaptation of the book we meet Hercules, with his expensive equipment and rather large ego who is attempting to reach the moon, and Sheila who lives in the zoo and holds her own heartfelt desire to be the first hippo to walk on the moon. Sheila is surrounded by her friends in the zoo who decide to help her with her quest. Beautiful puppets, catchy songs and a very clever set make this an engaging performance. The kids were giggling furiously when we discover Sheila’s rocket is to be powered by that well known rocket fuel of animal dung ! With an ultimately uplifting message of working together, friendship and dreaming big, this is a well crafted and dynamic performance. I would suggest trying to arrive early to get good seats to fully appreciate the puppets and set design….

Pleasance , 12.00 until August 20th…


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