Edinburgh International Science Festival

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I’ve been a little absent from the blog of late, but what a fab festival to make my return to !!

We LOVE the Edinburgh International Science Festival and it’s a sure fire way to make the Easter holidays more fun, interactive and possibly messy !!

The programme for this year is jam packed with the usual events, showcases, theatre and lots more – definitely worth checking out…


Image result for melody and sam record breakersMelody and Sam : Record Breakers – This show, on from Thursday 11th April to Saturday 13th looks fab ! Sam and Melody want to break a world record. They train every day. They want to be the best, the fastest, the strongest, the largest, the longest – anything so long as they get their names in the big record book. Their official record attempt is just around the corner….

Other recommendations would be :

City Art Centre Day Pass – Every year the City Art Centre is transformed into four floors of interactive science fun ! You can book a day pass and with it get access to three age appropriate workshops for the kids. There are plenty of drop in activities too, and is always more than enough to keep you occupied for a full day. Highly recommended for ages 3+…..daily from 6th April – Saturday 20th April

The Experimentarium – Returning this year, with weird, wonderful and cutting edge science ! Step into the laboratory of hands-on activities and interactive fun for all ages. At the Pleasance, 9th – 10th April – drop-in.

The Robotarium – Interact with robots from the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics! From an assembly line robot that wants to learn how to work with you, to cute football playing bots, learn how robots understand and imitate human beings, and the important reasons why. Presented by The University of Edinburgh.  Thursday 11th – Monday 15th April   Museum – Free

100 Things To Know About Space -Join the Usborne Fact Force as they take you on a fascinating journey to outer space, followed by a big space quiz at the end. Did you know the snow on Mars is square? That there’s a cloud in outer space that tastes like raspberries? Do you know how to escape a black hole? Or why astronauts learn wilderness survival skills? Come along to find out! Wednesday 17th April – Museum – tickets available.

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